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Children can start skiing from 3 years. Be careful then not to disgust them, or do not get too tired or put them in difficulty.

The first session may decide the whole course.

Father of "double three" children :-\\  I recommend private lessons for one hour per day up to 4 years, 1 or 2 hours from 5 years depending on the shape of the future champion, with one or more short breaks required without waiting for clear signs of fatigue.

Do not expect too much of a child

Indeed, what seems "childish" or go straight smiling ten meters on a false flat, for example, some parents did not impress. Know that at this age yet it reveals a promising future for ski... And do so knowing more or less aside the skis and even open a snowplow effective takes time (usually inversely proportional to age). However, once completed, this exercise you condemn winter sports to life with your child. Should not bring...

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Question equipment

Do not buy skis at this age, especially not too big for many years ... Rent is better, technically anyway. It will be easier to change the shape or size at any time.

One thing is certain: always take small skis. Short skis DEMAND for your children. Say to skiman it's your ski instructor (me for once) that requires, I assume!


The group classes exist in Les Arcs 1800 from 3 years, it is a formula more economical also proven... just slower performance issue, and more risky regarding to the relational aspect. A crying child has tremendous potential to make others cry


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The main idea is, like snowboarding and mono-ski, in that a human being should remain himself. Whatever its environment and its approach, the man is "governed" by physical laws, anatomical, physiological and psychological must. Its survival depended, and depends on it. Without them we would not be here to want to ski, gear invented by, it's fun, himself...


It is therefore important to focus on the basic functioning of the human being, old millions (billions?) years than to seek an approach, a technical miracle (stereotyped movements, raw instinct, magical equipment .. .) that is not based on these


Skiing is much easier than walking. Just need to think. The hard part has already been done, I will take care of the rest :-))


Le Rest ?

Bring into consonance elongated human being (interests of balance in face of gravity and sliding), a snowy mountain (cause of gravity + slide), and a pair of plates (the mechanical properties related to the gravity and slide effects).

In short, a first story of gravity we manage since our appearance on earth, and a second story, this new, voluntary Sliding we must learn to managein contrast to what controls, most of the time, our primitive instinct of survival.

In reflection, skiing is like walking, but by reflecting.

You first go skiing with your head, and one baggage

an intelligent glance




Skiing is an intellectual decision. The body is only following ...


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(6 to 80 years)

first secret

Whatever the level of the student, the search for an fundamental attitude of balance in a static position first, then moving in the human measure (well under 36 km / h) and without obstacle, is needed.

Respect of a high position for the upper bodys

Respect of a slightly lower position : -)) (bent) to the lowest body (ankles first, knees...)

wholesale: the male and female skiers imagine walking on a beam with the idea of trying to catch up with the pretty girl or handsome boy ahead. It's the ideal position of equilibrium of the human being since many hundreds of thousands of years.

Why do without ?


Head up

distant Look

Torso straight

Ankles slightly bent

Generously arms wide apart, bent, hands forward

That's all !

All other "levels" necessarily follows from this fundamental attitude.

Second secret

As soon as he moves, an object, a human being creates his own power of movement, energy.

It does not need to ski with his weight, but well also and above all, with the force that makes negligible the weight gradually as speed increases, because this force, this energy depends mainly on the speed. The report from one to the other (weight / displacement force) ranging from 1 to 100 ... HUGE!!!

"There is no dark force to ski when you do not know it. Yet it is this force that decides everything, as considerably more powerful than the weight and muscular force of any skier."                                              Padawan Raisson

We must therefore know and learn to control IT .

The third secret?

It is in the fundamental attitude that hide for millions of years the levers of control forces moving...

Practical solution?

So I will speak primarily of the upper body, the position of the skis on the planet depending on the position of the legs in space, which depends on the position of the upper body in space, resulting from the position of head in space, depending on the top level of the position of gaze in space ... whew !!!

Simple cascading effect.

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